Quick release buckle ROC/40 [olive green] 2M

  • set (L+R)
  • 25.00 zł / set (L+R)
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General mark:
The informations belowe corresponding to our best knowlegde. They do not absolve the custumer from testing the material for the specifically use.

The quick release buckle ROC/40 (Rapid Open Connector) was created with the aim of quickly unfastening and closing the arms in vests. It is structurally and functionally similar to FirstSpear ™ Tubes ™ fasteners. In order to efficiently operate in place of holes, a handle made of string should be attached. The buckle is fixed with 40 mm wide tape.

Colour: olive green [36OG IR]


The buckle is sold in sets: the left buckle + the right buckle

manufacturer code: ROC/40
weight: 22 g. [one buckle]
colour code: 36OG IR
strength: 110 kg.
raw material: acetal
IR remission (IRR / NIR): Yes
price for: 1 set [right buckle + left buckle]
manufacturer: Due Emme [2M]