Fabric CORDURA® 770 dtex [TripleX] SOLE SOURCE

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Super durable, original CORDURA® fabric. Fabric is printed with original TripleX multi-terrain pattern, mainly intended for urban, mountain, forest and transitional terrain. NIR protection.

The fabric was produced in the European Union.

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  • 10x more durable than cotton duck
  • 3X more durable than standard polyester
  • 2x more durable than standard nylon

CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for durable fabrics.

Cechy produktu

density linear fiber: 770dtex
raw material: poliamid 6.6 [nylon] T440 CORDURA®
weight: 335 g/m² [± 10g/m²]
finishing: IRR, fire retardant, waterproof - Teflon® [FC]
IR remission (IRR / NIR): Yes
coating: 1 x polyurethane [PU]
waterproof: minimum 1500mm - ISO 811
weave: plain
construction - threads/cm [warp / weft]: 17.3/14.5
tensile strength [warp / weft]: 3000 / 2800 N
tear strength [warp / weft]: 200 / 200 N
price for: 0.5 linear meter [50x150 cm]
quality: first
manufacturer: Sole Source